BRAVE, Episode Four – The Color of Love is Live!!

Romantic Suspense Series Brave, book 4


Chloe Sheldon ran away from her fears. She ran away from the man she loved, and the man who wants to kill her.

But she’s done running now. Now, she’s ready to face everything she was afraid of, and it’s largely thanks to Logan Farrow. She returns to his home, armed with an apology, and he’s less than accommodating until she grabs hold of what she wants and drags him into bed. She’s in love and she’s going to make damn sure that he is too. They’re finally enjoying the fruits of their romance, when Camille calls to tell her friend that David Halterman, Chloe’s vicious ex and would-be murderer, has been arrested but she’s fallen down the stairs and hurt her ankle. She needs Chloe’s help right away. The message is: come alone and come quick. Logan isn’t having any of it. The two head over there to help Camille out but discover all is not as it seems. Mr. Halterman is back and he’s out for revenge.

Chloe must face her fears or risk losing the two people she loves most in the world. The only question is: can she do it? And more importantly, can she do it without any help?

BRAVE is a four part romantic suspense serial novel.

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Puppy Love is Available NOW

Puppy Love Romance


Melanie Keller is engaged to a millionaire and happy as can be, until she meets the man of her dreams.

Liam, a local farmer with a wicked smile and muscles for days, helps her pick out the perfect Labrador puppy to take back to the penthouse she shares with her jealous fiancée, George. The only problem is, Sunshine, the puppy has a strange attachment to one of the horses on the farm and will do just about anything to get back to it. Even if it means running away from its new home. 

When Sunshine turns up on Liam’s farm, Melanie has no choice but to return, even though George has forbidden it. What follows is a tempest of emotion as Liam and Melanie fight their feelings for each other, and George fights to keep her in his grasp. 

Can Melanie overcome her lack of confidence and realize what she wants is also what she deserves? Or will she lose Sunshine, her hopes and dreams, and the man she loves forever? There’s only one way to find out… 

Puppy Love is available on Amazon, Barnes & NobleKobo, Scribd, Inktera, iTunes. Other retailers are coming.