Never Say Never: Part One Teaser

Contemporary Romance Never Say Never Book One CoverA few days ago I promised you a sneak preview of my new book: Never Say Never, Part One. I’ve been twiddling my fingers in anticipation of this moment. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here goes nothin’:

Small teaser from Never Say Never

“You owe me.”

His grip was iron on her throat and the low thump of music in the strip club matched the pounding of her heart.

“I’m not your cheap whore.” Emily stared him in the eye, not backing down.

“Shoulda thought of that before you took up the habit, girl.” Big Nick flexed his biceps and brought his face closer, inches from hers. There was a sheen of sweat on top of his bald head, and drips of it ran down onto his cheekbones.

“I don’t take coke anymore, Nick.” She’d kicked the habit as soon as she’d realized it wasn’t dulling the pain or wiping out the memories. It made it worse.

“Cry me a river, girly, you still owe me a chunk of change and I want it. Or else.”

She was pressed against the changing room’s door. There was nowhere to run or hide, but she didn’t want to. Or at least she was sure she didn’t want to. Not this time.

“I don’t have the money, Nick.”

“Then you’ll have to pay me in other ways.” He stuck out his slimy tongue and licked her neck, that sour breath whistling in her ear.

Emily pushed back hard and the door groaned in protest. Pink lights outlined the mirror above the dressing table, casting a rose light on their reflections.

“Get off me, you disgusting pig.” He was a bouncer at the club and he watched her day and night, whenever she had a shift. The fear had built to breaking point now. She was a cornered dog, ready to strike.

“What did you say?” Big Nick squeezed tight and her breath came in ragged gasps. Heat built in her brain, overwhelming her defiance with fear.

“Gerrof.” Emily choked it out.

“Not till I get a taste.” He nipped her flesh hard, and she beat against his arms with all her might. Horror pumped through her veins, replacing oxygen, intoxicating her with fear and loathing.

“Kay.” The word squeaked with the last bit of air in her lungs.

“What?” Big Nick let go of her neck.

“I need time to come up with the money.” Air had never tasted this sweet, but she didn’t savor it for long. “I need time, okay?”

“I’m not a patient man.”

No shit. But what else could she do? She didn’t have the cash and she sure as hell wouldn’t make it on a night in the strip club. Drug habits were expensive. Emily studied him: his leather jacket, the ring in his nose, the beginnings of a beard and the yellow smoke-stained teeth.

He was everything she didn’t want to be.

“Look, I can make it up to you, I need a couple weeks to get it together.”

“A couple weeks? Keep dreaming, slut. You’ve got a week.” He raised his index finger, that was stained with yellow too, and held it close enough that she could smell the off-sweetness of tobacco.

“I can’t do it in that time, Nick. Be reasonable.” She didn’t want to beg this freak, this big slab of a man with nothing but a cock for brains. Much like most of the men she’d encountered in the years since she’d… Emily shook her head and swallowed. Couldn’t think of that now.

“You have one week and after that,” he paused and grabbed a handful of her ass cheek, “your ass is mine.”


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Never Say Never Blurb & Cover Reveal

Contemporary Romance Never Say Never Book One CoverI am so excited to announce that over the past few months I’ve been working on a brand spanking new contemporary romance series called Never Say Never. It’s going to be four parts, and I’ve got some awesome news: the first part is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

The first book will be live on April 15, 2015, and the second part is already being edited, with parts 3 and 4 in the process of being written. I’ve been a busy bunny, as you can tell. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty excited about this series. The protagonist is a woman who’s a little stronger than Chloe from Brave, but with more issues to work through, and I’ve thrown in a steamy businessman with a dark secret for good measure.

Wanna take a look at the blurb? Here it is!

Emily McDonald is tired of being a New York stripper. Hiding a nasty incident and determined to get her old life back, she’s focused on making the money she owes the slush-for-brains bouncer at the club, Big Nick. But opportunity – and anxiety – presents itself in the form of Chase Newman, who reminds her what passion and trust are about. In spite of her hidden past and a deep-seated mistrust for men, Emily falls for him head-over-heels style. She doesn’t want to, but damn, this guy is fine as hell.

Emily clings to the pole and her fear of men, even though Chase is nothing but a gentleman. She tries desperately to push him away, while balancing her ambitions and avoiding Big Nick’s groping hands at the club. The more she trusts, the more she freaks the hell out, but she can’t help being drawn to Chase’s protective side. Pity really, when a woman from his past crashes into their lives with a shocking revelation which could tear everything apart.

Sounds good?

Part One of Never Say Never is going live on Amazon on April 15, 2015 and will be listed at $0.99 upon release for a week, thereafter it will go up to $2.99. Don’t miss the launch day, use a link below for pre-order.


BRAVE, Episode Four – The Color of Love is Live!!

Romantic Suspense Series Brave, book 4


Chloe Sheldon ran away from her fears. She ran away from the man she loved, and the man who wants to kill her.

But she’s done running now. Now, she’s ready to face everything she was afraid of, and it’s largely thanks to Logan Farrow. She returns to his home, armed with an apology, and he’s less than accommodating until she grabs hold of what she wants and drags him into bed. She’s in love and she’s going to make damn sure that he is too. They’re finally enjoying the fruits of their romance, when Camille calls to tell her friend that David Halterman, Chloe’s vicious ex and would-be murderer, has been arrested but she’s fallen down the stairs and hurt her ankle. She needs Chloe’s help right away. The message is: come alone and come quick. Logan isn’t having any of it. The two head over there to help Camille out but discover all is not as it seems. Mr. Halterman is back and he’s out for revenge.

Chloe must face her fears or risk losing the two people she loves most in the world. The only question is: can she do it? And more importantly, can she do it without any help?

BRAVE is a four part romantic suspense serial novel.

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BRAVE, Episode Three – The Color of Danger is Live!!

Romantic Suspense Series Brave, book 3


Chloe Sheldon doesn’t know what it’s like to be loved. To be cared for. Until she meets Logan Farrow.

Chloe has been on the run for years, dodging her murderous ex-husband David. Just when she thinks she’s escaped, the past catches up with her and forces her into Logan’s arms. He’s everything a man should be: compassionate, handsome, rugged but caring, and superbly overprotective. He’s kind enough to offer her a place to stay after a run-in with David, and bandages her wounds – both physical and emotional. They share emotion Chloe didn’t know could exist. But she can’t stay forever. She has to run and hide again, before David catches up with her, and that’s a concept Logan can’t grasp. The ex-military man firmly believes she should face her fears. Just when they’re getting close, moving in for the big ‘L’, Logan discovers Chloe’s plans: to run away and never come back. And Chloe discovers that her best friend, Cam, might be in a whole mess of danger and it’s all her fault.

Will Chloe run before David catches her? Or will she stay and fight for her friend and her new lower? Only Chloe knows…

BRAVE is a four part romantic suspense serial novel.

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BRAVE, Episode Two – The Color of Blood is Live!!

Romantic Suspense Series Brave, book 2


Chloe Sheldon has met her match. Mere minutes after walking into a business meeting with her sophisticated lover, Jonathan Maynard, she’s faced with her worst fear: her ex-husband.

David Halterman is back, and he’s hell bent on punishing Chloe for leaving their marriage behind. He’ll destroy her life in whichever way he can, even if it means telling Jonathan all about her deepest, darkest secret. Helped along by the Sous Chef at the restaurant, Chloe is forced to flee and reconcile with Jonathan later, but he’s having none of it. He takes his anger out on her and Chloe runs for her life from another man – one she thought she could trust. Chased through the streets of downtown New York by her ex, and battered from a beating at the hands of the man she loved, Chloe seeks refuge in a bar and finds safety in the protective arms of the chef himself. But David won’t take no for an answer…

Can Chloe hide from her past forever? Or will she realize that running and hiding are only buying her time before she has to face David’s rage?

BRAVE is a four part romantic suspense serial novel.

Buy it on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Scribd, Page Foundry.

BRAVE, Episode One – The Color of Rage is Live!!

Brave, Book 1


Chloe Sheldon has a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know. She’s tucked away her personality and stayed away from love… until she meets Jonathan Maynard.

Jonathan, the powerful boss at her Pinnacle Real Estate, is intoxicating, flawed and brimming with charm. He’s everything she’s ever wanted and a total dreamboat, if her wild roommate, Camille, is anything to go by. He sweeps her off her feet and reminds her what it’s like to feel something other than fear, until he batters an innocent bystander when they’re out in one of New York’s hottest clubs. Stalked by a mysterious stranger, and running from the past, Chloe escapes into Jonathan’s embrace once again. Jonathan reveals his possessive side and Chloe is too afraid, too confused to let go. Especially when he involves her in a lucrative business deal which could advance her career.

But the potential business partner is someone Chloe knows very well: the only other person who knows her secret. Can Chloe escape before it’s too late? Or will her stalker show her the true meaning of fear?

BRAVE is a four part romantic suspense serial novel.

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Puppy Love is Available NOW

Puppy Love Romance


Melanie Keller is engaged to a millionaire and happy as can be, until she meets the man of her dreams.

Liam, a local farmer with a wicked smile and muscles for days, helps her pick out the perfect Labrador puppy to take back to the penthouse she shares with her jealous fiancée, George. The only problem is, Sunshine, the puppy has a strange attachment to one of the horses on the farm and will do just about anything to get back to it. Even if it means running away from its new home. 

When Sunshine turns up on Liam’s farm, Melanie has no choice but to return, even though George has forbidden it. What follows is a tempest of emotion as Liam and Melanie fight their feelings for each other, and George fights to keep her in his grasp. 

Can Melanie overcome her lack of confidence and realize what she wants is also what she deserves? Or will she lose Sunshine, her hopes and dreams, and the man she loves forever? There’s only one way to find out… 

Puppy Love is available on Amazon, Barnes & NobleKobo, Scribd, Inktera, iTunes. Other retailers are coming.