Never Say Never Part Two is Live

Cover for Never Say Never by Melissa Shaw

Here’s the good news: part two of the Never Say Never serial is live!

Emily wants to dissolve in hunky millionaire, Chase Newman’s, love. She’s just gotten over her fear of trusting again, when her worst enemy crashes in and destroys everything they’ve built up. She decides to forget about him and move on with her life, get her kids back, but she can’t let go of the past just yet and it’s inclined to return the favor.

Emily is desperate to get away from her main source of pain: Chase, but wherever she turns, there’s another reminder of their love and the struggles she’ll have to face to escape him. Especially when a dark secret falls into Emily’s lap. She’s presented with a choice; get Chase back or keep her heart safe and condemn him to a life of unhappiness. It won’t be easy, especially when that sordid past ambles into her life to ruin her last chance at a real future.

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