Never Say Never Part Three is Live

Never Say Never by Melissa Shaw

I’m excited to announce that the third book of the Never Say Never serial is available for purchase.

Here is the book blurb:

Emily McDonald has taken control of her destiny, but a surprise visit from the past shatters her chance at a real future with the love of her life – and sexy businessman – Chase Newman. Her darkest secret is revealed: Emily did time because of a fateful accident which saw her lose her kids and destroy the lives two others… Chase can’t forgive her for the past and it seems it’s the end of the line for Emily.

She’s about ready to give up, but her desperation to see her children and rectify her wrongs sends her into overdrive and to a man who might hold the means to winning the battle. But using his help means losing Chase for good and Emily isn’t sure she’s ready to let go yet. Especially, when the truth about the incident presents her with the key to unlocking Chase’s heart one last time.

Please purchase the book at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and B&N (no working link = coming soon).

Happy reading!