Never Say Never Part Four is Live

Never Say Never by Melissa Shaw, part four

Finally, the last instalment of the Never Say Never romance serial is live!

Emily has everything she needs to nail her abusive ex-husband. The only problem is, destroying him means implicating the man of her dreams, Chase Newman, in a scandal which will surely mean the end of any relationship between them. The price? Losing her children for good. Emily’s determined to find a way to balance it all, while pandering to the keen need for revenge after years of torture at her ex’s hands.

But there doesn’t seem to be a way to take him down without harming the man she wants to love. She tries to stay away and focus on what’s most important, but the closer she gets to revealing the truth, the more she’s drawn into her desire for Chase. Just when she’s ready to do what needs to be done, disaster strikes and the people she cares about most are thrown into danger. Emily must act in a last ditch attempt at salvaging what’s left of her life.

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